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COBie: The BIM2FM Organizational Framework


COBie, the Construction [to] Operations Building Information Exchange, is an organizational framework created specifically for reliable building information exchange at construction handover.  Developed by building owners for building owners as a public, freely-available information exchange standard, COBie is focused on the rich data set of alphanumeric building information (words and numbers) that is attached to objects (geometry) in a building information model. COBie enables building owners to "mine" their design and construction building information models for the building information they need to manage their facilities, without having to become BIM experts or acquire expensive BIM software. Fully extensible and adaptable, COBie enables building owners to get all the building information they require for facility management, and only the information they require, from their design and construction building information models.

As useful and necessary as COBie is, a technical data schema is not easily accessible to non-technical users. Our BIM2FM Toolkit is a powerful business tool that leverages COBie for specifying building information in a way that is meaningful to building owners.

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