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Facility Information Specification: Empowering Building Owners

A Facility Information Specification consists of three components: the scope of building information that a building owner wants to extract from design and construction models, the required format for the information, and the information delivery schedule.

The information scope is comprehensive yet precise, and defines the owner's data requirements for:

  • Spatial information

  • Asset (Equipment) Information

  • O & M Information

  • Reference Information

Every building owner has a proprietary naming convention, or syntax, for naming building assets in a way that supports facility management operations.

Including the owner's proprietary naming convention in the Facillity Information Specification ensures that incoming data for new facilities is formatted consistently with existing data in the owner's FM software systems. 

The best time to collect new building information is at the moment it is confirmed or finalized. The Facility Information Specification includes a Progressive Data Delivery Schedule that harmonizes with the design and construction schedule, so that all building information required for FM purposes is collected, validated, and imported into the owner's FM software systems prior to occupancy of any new facility.
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